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MUNDOLOCO is a nujazz/breakbeat/techno band which has been active, mostly, from 2003 to 2011. Our history is going back to 2003, in Austria, when we had been hooked by a new and colourful emerging era in music, usually called ‘contemporary club music’ or ‘electronic music’. We created our unique mundoloco sound by mixing genres of nu-jazz, breakbeat, downtempo, drumnbass and later also techno. However, we always stayed with the acoustic and jazzy concept making music: We improvised a lot and we barely used loop-machines.

Mundoloco, Rooftop, Kreuzberg, 2008

In 2003/2004 we recorded our first live album, and we earned a single release with ‘Universal Music’ and two newcomer awards:  ‘AUSTRIAN YOUNG LIONS’ 2003 | ‘NEWCOMER FESTIVAL’ 2004. A year later, we moved together to Berlin:


Mundoloco fresh in Berlin (2005)

Originally a trio, we had been collaborating with many great guest musicians and video artists. On mundolocos stages we had drums, percussion, bass, horns, keyboards, guitars, turntables, veejays and vocals. In 2008 we recorded the studio album AAALIVE (Motivic Records, 2009):Mundoloco_Cover_webMundoloco_Cover_back

AAALIVE is live-improvised techno music with keys, bass and drums. This album has been amazingly REVIEWED:

Dj Wigley (Flex fm/UK) COMMENT: Remarkable and wondrous… amazing soundscape and even more impressive is that it is live! A taste of the future.. music i will be playing on my radio show 100% . RATING: top!
Oliver Holzapfel (Ciselant, Shaker Plates, Compost/Germany) COMMENT: Congrats for this very good independent production! Really kicks my ass! Support in my next charts! 10/10 RATING: top!
Velanche (Urban Landscapes/US) COMMENT: Soulful, funky, atmospheric and warm all at once. Hard to believe these tracks were done in single takes; enjoying it. Full support! Thanks alot! RATING: very good!
Scheibosan (FM4/Vienna) COMMENT: Erinnert mich voll an cobblestone jazz, supa trax dabei werd ich droppen, bin schon auf remixes gespannt 😉 meine favs: 1, 2, 4, 5 !!!!!!!!! RATING: top!
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica/Spain) COMMENT: Full support, love it! RATING: top!


Mundoloco toured Italy, Austria, Germany, Ukraine and Poland. Some festivals: Electronic Beats Night, Soundcity Innsbruck | Jazz Festival Vienna | Focus On Festival, Hallein | Bock Mas, Timelkam | Bird, Ukraine | Gossip, Kempten.


Mundoloco in Ukraine, 2010


Ukraine, 2010


Mundoloco, Berlin, 2010

Philipp Roidinger: keys, composition
Manuel Zacek: bass, composition
Hannes Dullinger: drums, composition (2003-2007)
Andre Seidel: drums, composition (2008-2011)
Gerd Rahstorfer: trumpet (2003-2004)
Andy Fall: vocals, composition (2010)
uests: Sebastian Borkowski (saxes and flute), DJ Sors (turntables), Alexander Pohn (drums), Thomas Reinhardt (guitars), Frank Schwinn (guitars), Christian Bachner (saxes), Yann Gouzien (vocals), and many more.


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